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What to expect in Greece: Sun and Fun

09/07/2016 Top Stories
What to expect in Greece: Sun and Fun

What to expect in Greece?
First of all the…unexpected.
Every international stock broker who have been following the Athens Stock Exchange closely for years can attest to that:
You never get bored in Greece,” is one of their favorite mottos.
So, is there really something to expect (and hopefully prepare for) in Greece?

Mythical sunshine
To begin with, excellent weather.
This is not a sales pitch.
Greek weather with its proverbial sunshine is not too good to be true, it is truly as good as it gets.
People who have lived over here for many decades can assure you on that.
Even during a winter snow storm or a pitch black cloudy sky, the sun can pop out any time and offer you hours of blessed sunshine.
And, of course, summer days are “more lovely and more temperate” than Shakespeare’s beloved in Sonnet 18.

From Ancient Greeks to Zorba
Some would even argue that it was that friendly weather and incredible Greek light that inspired Ancient Greeks in their amazing achievements.
Others will claim that it is this eternal sunshine that explains Greeks’ Zorba like behavior throughout the centuries.
When you are immersed in it, it is simply unthinkable to come to terms with the dark side of life.
Therein lies perhaps an explanation for Greeks’ unending tendency for fun (kefi) – and the subsequent adolescent immaturity that comes with it.
Anybody who has been on a Greek beachfront tavern, simply knows how Paradise is like,” an insightful Greek writer once bragged.

Sun and fun
Thus, the first two things you can expect in Greece are lack of boredom and excellent weather.
Sun and fun, you might say.
Not a bad combo to begin with.
Proving that your decision to come here was also not bad, not bad at all
And, as any trained waiter or air stewardess would advise you…ENJOY!

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