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Santorini: Island of “miracles”

09/07/2016 Top Stories
Santorini: Island of “miracles”

If in every bomb explosion there is a miracle, then what about a volcano one?
In Santorini’s case, at least, there are more.
The 3600 years old caldera’s breathtaking views and sunsets that are considered among the most impressive in the world.

A miracle of colors
Its amazing black, red and white beaches.
The volcanic bright rock formations contrasting with the dazzling white houses and the colorful doors and window shutters of okra, fuchsia, blue, pink and red.
The fascinating historic and prehistoric settlements with picturesque narrow streets, stunning terraces with panoramic sea views and beautiful courtyards.
Its archaeological sites, medieval villages, castles, blue domed churches and Cave houses that have been converted into modern luxury hotels.

Idyllic island
The idyllic village of Oia carved out of the cliffs and clinging to the edge, where smooth winding alleys interconnect and around every corner there is something new to encounter.
The unique products of its volcanic soil, organically grown vegetables and fruits, the cherry tomatoes, white eggplant, Theran caper and fava beans.
The fresh fish and seafood, wholesome dairy products like soft white cheese and yoghurt delightfully complemented by the wonderful local wines of the Assyrtiko, Nychteri and Vinsanto varieties.
Cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay, hiking along the Fira trail, swimming in the volcano’s hot springs.

Ode to Santorini
But, of course, this miraculous sense is best captured in the Primordial Aegean Sea Poet Odysseus Elytis’ “Ode to Santorini”:
You came out of the thunder’s belly
Shuddering in the penitential clouds
Bitter stone, tested, defiant

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