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Patmos: Thyme and incense, poetry and Resurrection

09/07/2016 Top Stories
Patmos: Thyme and incense, poetry and Resurrection

Easter in Patmos can undoubtedly prove to be a unique and mystagogical experience, if you can truly allow your soul tune into the finer energies of the island.
After all, very few places in the world are so closely linked to religious worship and constitute such a celebrated spiritual beacon throughout the eons.
The wild and awe-inspiring natural beauty combined with an eternal historical aura of profound devoutness, have indelibly marked the land, where the Beloved Disciple of Christ, Saint John the Theologian had his tremendous vision of God and composed the “Apocalypse”, the ultimate prophetic book of the whole Bible.
The majestic Patmos Easter customs, events and surrounding atmosphere celebrating the Pathos and Resurrection of the Lord, are unequaled in creating a fascinating, profoundly warm hearted experience to be cherished forever.
As Nobel prize laureate poet Odysseus Elytis elegantly recounted from his childhood memories of visiting picturesque, remote little chapels scattered amid the Aegean countryside, “the blending aroma of thyme and incense” had ever since come to animate inside him “the union of the physical and the metaphysical”.

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