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Mykonos: Destination for all tastes?

09/07/2016 Top Stories
Mykonos: Destination for all tastes?

Of the countless compliments paid to Mykonos by wanderlust aficionados on printed and digital media alike every day, perhaps one phrase “Mykonos has it all” indeed has it all.
Ever since the early 1930s, when the first famous celebrities, artists, style gurus, powerful politicians and tycoons from all over the world began frequenting the island, Mykonos has come a long way to becoming mostly renowned for its wild nightlife and gay scene.

Great clubbing in such a small country
Legend has it even that when a fashion model tried to invite her Miami friends into a glittery local club of that time, she had to explain how this “fabulous, awesome, super-hot, fantastic joint” was oddly located in “a small, relatively unknown, country called Greece”…

Yet, Mykonos is equally and rightfully acclaimed for its cosmopolitan locale, amazing beaches, deep blue seas, picturesque narrow streets and idyllic cobbled pathways.
Its famous white cycladic architecture, numerous historical churches and monasteries, beautiful scenery, majestic sunsets, living tradition, rocky hills, gourmet indoor and outdoor restaurants, seaside lounges, waterfront clubs and luxury villas are also praised, given the appropriate “pomp and circumstance”.

Triumph and nostalgia
What usually goes unsung is that many of the “ex-party animals” from previous generations slowly transformed into middle-aged family men (and soccer moms) who kept coming to the island with their offspring, triumphant over their eventual maturity and nostalgic over their bygone youth.
The island’s market naturally grew after them and Mykonos gradually developed, next to the “party vibe”, a family-friendly side as well.

Bridging the generation gap
Mykonos’ kid-friendly credentials are apparent everywhere, at the hotels’ helpful staff, restaurants with wholesome food and high chairs at the ready, abundant shops, beaches with comfy loungers and watersports (including a water park), historical and educational sites, even on the streets, since Greeks truly adore children (just recall “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” if you harbor any doubts).
Off you go then to bridge the generation gap while having G-rated fun in Mykonos, without the slightest bit of remorse.
The only thing you really need to be prepared for, is to answer the occasional “why are these two boys kissing on the mouth, mummy?” question…

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