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Santorini’s Red Beach in world’s 10 colorful beaches

Santorini’s Red Beach in world’s 10 colorful beaches

Conde Nast Traveller presents in an article beaches in so many more colors than white

Conde Nast Traveller includes Santorini’s Red Beach in its palette of colorful beaches from around the world.

The leading travel magazine presents in an article  beaches in so many more colors than white (and beige, and taupe, and ecru). The vibrant hues—including red, purple, even green—are typically due to special minerals spit out by nearby volcanoes over the course of the last few millennia.

Specifically about Santorini, it mentions that “The nation of Greece is comprised of a peninsula surrounded by thousands of islands, so what makes Santorini such a showstopper? It might just be the dramatic caldera, or gaping crater shape left when part of the volcano collapsed into the ocean. The island has several pockets of eye-popping geology, but perhaps none more so than the blood-colored cliffs near the town of Akrotiri, which disintegrate to scarlet sands at the bottom.”

The list of where to find every color of sand follows:

Δείτε όλες τις παραλίες στις οποίες αναφέρεται το δημοσίευμα…

  • Green: Papakolea Beach, Hawaii


  • Purple: Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California


  • Black: Vik, Iceland


  • Pink: Harbour Island, Bahamas


  • White: Cebu, Philippines


  • Blue: Vaadhoo, Maldives


  • Red: Santorini


  • Orange: Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta


  • Grey: Shelter Cove, California


  • Rainbow: Rainbow Beach, Queensland, Australia


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