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22 innovative start-ups to help hoteliers daily

18/01/2016 Top Stories , Travel Tech
22 innovative start-ups to help hoteliers daily

Start-ups are playing increasingly important role in tourism, and more particularly in the hotel industry

Whether it is for digital strategy, hotel management, ambiance, wifi or customer experience, start-ups have plenty of tricks to assist hoteliers daily, according to a report by MKG Group’s hospitality-on.

Discover 22 of these players that serve the sector!

Start-ups are playing increasingly important role in tourism, and more particularly in the hotel industry. Today they offer innovative tools and services that lighten the day to day work of professionals, before during and after their stay. These young companies thus intervene regarding digital strategies, hotel management, equipment of the hotel and customer experience.

One of the leading areas where tourism start-ups are active today is the presence of businesses on Internet. These dynamic companies who know all about the challenges of digital supply innovative solutions to properties, whether it is to manage their e-reputation or their e-distribution. The webmarketing agency Traffic Makers, for example, offers optimization of digital strategy for its clients in three areas for action: acquisition and visibility, conversion, and loyalization. At a time when the mobile is a must for travelers, Epicurs is developing, white label mobile applications for hoteliers and other tourism businesses. In another way, Bookbedder is reinventing the online hotel reservation by allowing hotels to pay no commission on guests that reserve through their service and to earn 1% on bookings their guests make elsewhere.

These young businesses with strong potential also participate in the management of hotels. This offers hotels access to management software available on the Cloud of Base7booking: solutions for improving a property’s performance and reactivity such as Roomchecking or 1Check, and the loyalty program of This is my hotel. A for Staffmatch, the company uses efficient technologies to modernize the recruitment process and management of temporary work. Finally, hoteliers are now able to turn their unoccupied parking spaces to profit with Zenpark, which makes the spaces available to members of its network.

Citywide connections

Customer experience is another area where start-ups are serving the hotel industry. One important area is as providers of efficient WiFi connections to their clients, and they are now able to provide citywide connections. Several companies have positioned themselves on the pocket WiFi segment which offers hotspots that travelers may bring with them when they leave their hotel. Dringme goes further by providing guests at Parisian properties with smartphones set up to accompany them and keep them connected throughout their stay.

Driven by the dynamism of these businesses, the services dedicated to customers is being diversified. Thus Wombee offers a social network that connects hotel guests to one another, allowing them to share their interests, knowledge, desires and good deals in an accessible and secure way.

Growing presence

Comfort in rooms is also provided by increasingly powerful start-ups in the sector. Skinjay transforms the hotel shower into a spa with a system that uses capsules of essential oils similar to those used in the coffee industry, while Sublimusic creates a customized musical ambiance for properties and brands. Finally, the comfort of personnel also comes into play with Fixacouette, an innovative device to facilitate changing comforter covers.

The growing presence of start-ups in the hotel industry suggests they will play an import role in the hotel industry of tomorrow. They will drive the sector’s evolution in the years to come and will steer the neuwal of the hotel supply.

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