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Airbus acquires Navtech

07/01/2016 Aviation , Inside Pages
Airbus acquires Navtech

France’s Airbus is one of the leaders in civil aircraft manufacturing, with 63,000 employees in four countries

Airbus has agreed to buy Navtech, a Canadian company specializing in flight operations tools such as electronic flight bags.

Navtech is a technology company based in Waterloo Region and makes software that solves the huge computational problems inherent to flight. Fuel weight, path, drag, weather – hundreds of externalities need to be understood and modelled for every safe landing. Navtech makes the software that crunches these numbers; they are one of the companies making the miracle of flight routine.

France’s Airbus is one of the leaders in civil aircraft manufacturing, with 63,000 employees in four countries.

The technology side of aviation

Airbus is an incredible brand in the marketplace,” said Navtech CEO Mike Hulley. “In their brief history since the early ’70’s they’ve captured about 51 per cent of the market space for aircraft. That’s phenomenal. We’re a young, hungry company as well; lashing the two of us together gives both companies an opportunity to expand into new territory.”

For Airbus, the acquisition seems to represent a path into the flight operations space. Typically, aircraft manufacturers make airplanes and software companies make the tech that enables them to fly safely. By acquiring Navtech — a services-side company with 400 airline customers — Airbus is demonstrating a serious commitment to the technology side of aviation.

Enormous customer base

For Navtech,” said Hulley, “it gives us access to their enormous customer base around the globe, and helps us demonstrate that we’re not just a startup. We are a company that has reach, range, and backing to deliver superior products anywhere on Earth. It’s really a win-win.”

We are very pleased to welcome Navtech into our company, contributing its industry-leading portfolio of digital solutions and expert know-how,” Airbus president and CEO Fabrice Brégier said in a statement. “This acquisition is further affirmation of Airbus’ digitalization and services growth strategies, and is a significant milestone to serve our existing and future customers.”

The transaction’s closing is subject to regulatory approvals. A purchase price was not disclosed.

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