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Halkidiki in 8 best “tech detox” destinations

Halkidiki in 8 best “tech detox” destinations

Lonely Planet included Halkidiki in the world's eight best destinations for tech-free travel

Lonely Planet included Halkidiki in the world’s eight best destinations for tech-free travel in an article entitled “Travel away from technology: Where to travel for a real detoxification of the digital world

As mentioned in the article, to overcome their digital addiction, travellers must accept the cold turkey treatment and discover remote places that will deny them wifi, muddy their phone signal, and replace the trill of instant messages with roaring waves, monastic chanting or pure silence.

Mainland Greece in wilder style

Among the ideal destinations for this “tech detox“, Lonely Planet mentions Halkidiki area in Greece, an area “best known as a playground for the summer holiday crowd” as “there are gleaming beach resorts, seafood tavernas steps from the shore, and the air is scented with ouzo and sunscreen.”

Yet, the article points out that “you can explore this sun-kissed swathe of mainland Greece in wilder style, in the capable hands of Grigorios Delichristos Excursions. This adventurous outfit arranges island hopping with a Survivor-esque twist: Grigorios’ expeditions ply uninhabited islands off the Kassandra peninsula, so you can expect wild camping, log fires and spear fishing. It’s poetic, remote and there isn’t a plug socket in sight. After all, wifi is an unnecessary distraction when you’re foraging for dinner.

The “eight far-flung destinations” where you can “shun the modern world” are the following:

1. Luxury lodges in Namibia

2. Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia

Belum State Park - step into this wilderness of swampy inlets and jungle-draped coves - Anita Isalska 1

3. Broken Hill, Australia


4. Eqi glacier, Greenland

Glacier Lodge Eqi - solar powered huts Anita Isalska

5. Catalonia’s Cistercian monasteries

Catalonia's Cistercian Route - Reial Monestir de Santes Creus - Anita Isalska 1

6. Green Bank, USA


7. Uninhabited islands in Halkidiki, Greece

GettyImages-467710961_high 1

8. Loch Hourn, Scottish Highlands

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