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Ios 2016 tourism promotion program

25/11/2015 Daily , Ios
Ios 2016 tourism promotion program

The purpose of the tourism promotion program is to highlight Ios as a tourist destination and advertise the beauty of the island

Ios Municipality approved the island’s 2016 tourism promotion program with a €92.300 budget.

The island receives each year some 100,000 visitors, Greeks and foreigners, and tourism supports most of its population.

The number of foreign visitors in recent years was beginning to wane and since 2011 Greek guests have also been reduced because of the widespread economic crisis in the country.

After 2012 though, an increase in the influx of visitors has been recorded and Ios Municipality considers that its tourism promotion program contributed greatly to that.

Tourism promotion aims

The purpose of the tourism promotion program is to highlight Ios as a tourist destination, advertise the beauty of the island, its accommodation facilities, local traditional products, water sports, religious and cultural attractions, facilitate the visitor and make him feel at home during his holidays, outline Ios paths, promote alternative tourism, and upgrade the Municipality’s internet site in order to assist tourism professionals.

Furthermore, the Municipality plans to obtain statistics that relate to visitors in order to map out its strategy for the coming years.

The Municipality’s experience

In 2014 Ios participated in the Thessaloniki Philoxenia, EXPO ATHENS, Milan BIT and Berlin ITB tourism exhibitions.

It also presented the island to Izmir and Istanbul tour operators, participated in a conference to promote the cruise to the island organized by the company that operates the cruise, sent brochures to Oslo and Moscow, hosted journalists, bloggers, gastronomy experts, and joined EU funded Leader program in order to create a Tourism Promotion Office.

Moreover, in cooperation with local entrepreneurs, it attracted daily and weekly press and internet coverage, continued its cooperation with a management company and aired interviews by the Mayor and the Tourism Committee Chairman to national and foreign TV channels.

This multifaceted effort seems to bear fruit since a significant increase in the island’s visitors was recorded in 2015.

Necessary actions and publications

To satisfy the intense demand on posters and digital material that was recorded during tourist exhibitions, the production of the following materials is required: Island maps and brochures, posters, CD with videos and photos of the island and general informative material.

Moreover, the presentation of the island in the following tourist exhibitions is essential: London World Travel Market, Thessaloniki FILOXENIA, Athens Greek Tourism EXPO, Istanbul Emitt, Stokcholm Greekland Panorama, Milan BIT, Berlin ITB and Oslo Travel Fair.

Finally, the Municipality is considering to impose a tourism promotion fee in order to acquire the necessary funds for promoting Ios, since tourism is the main source of income of the island and its residents have publicly recognized this necessity.




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