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The Santorini Wine Trails experience

The Santorini Wine Trails experience

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Santorini Wine Trails is a travel agency that specializes in wine and culinary tourism that started its operation on the island last season.

It organizes daily wine tours and tastings at the most representative wineries of Santorini giving tourists the opportunity to explore, discover and experience the terroir-driven wines of the island and learn about the wine history, the native grapes, the winemaking methods, the basket-trained vines of one of the oldest vineyards of the planet, the gastronomy and the local products of this wondrous place.

Authentic food and wine experience

Working exclusively with small and flexible groups, up to 6 persons, in two languages (English and French), the aim of Santorini Wine Trails is to get visitors to know and appreciate this volcanic island and its products, savoring an authentic food and wine experience.

Santorini Wine Trails is an initiative of Iliana Sidiropoulou, oenologist with over twenty years of experience in wine communication and organizing wine events.


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