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21/09/2015 Beaches



Patmos may not be a large island but it has an intense formation and, as a result, numerous bays and smaller coves as well as more than 20 beautiful beaches were created along its shores.

The island’s shape and its 63km coastline offers a choice of where to enjoy some of the clearest, refreshing and tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea. If you’re arriving with a private boat or simply renting one, you’re in for an unforgettable experience and not only on our island, for Patmos has many small and larger neighboring islands making short distance excursions enticing.

You can even find a beach on Patmos Island amidst the Port of Skala, for those who do not like to venture too far, but our suggestion is to explore the island and all the beaches since they all have something different to offer.

The distances between the beaches are short (all within a 5-15 min. drive from Patmos Villa Sophia) and using as a center ‘Skala’ Patmos Port you can even visit one beach in the morning and another in the afternoon.





On most of them, you can find Tamarisk trees for shade and a cafe or a restaurant for the necessities, while there are some more organized beaches with umbrellas and sun beds, for those who do not necessarily feel the thrill of putting their towel on the sand or pebbles.

Generally, Patmos offers a varied selection of beaches from well organized sandy beaches with beach bars to solitary coves for those precious moments of tranquility.




Due to the strong religious association, Patmos has never been an island very tolerant with nudism and there are many sings prohibiting topless and nude bathing. Times are changing though and with the growth of tourism, signs are often ignored in the more isolated areas.

The most popular beaches on the island are the following:


Skala view



Location: Skala Port, 4 km north of Chora


Even though it is situated right next to the port, it remains a choice since it is very close, clean, pebbled, and has many tourist facilities around it. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters but can get very crowded during high season.


agriolivado beach 6 km away



Location: 8 km north of Chora 2 km from Skala


A sand and pebble beach surrounded by lush vegetation approximately 2 kilometres north of Skala, it gets pretty busy in summer There is a taverna and beach bar and on the beach you can find sun beds and umbrellas. Its mainly shallow waters make it ideal for children with the added attraction of some water sports being available. It is located only 2 km north of Skala, the main port of the island.





Location: 9 km north of Chora


The lovely bay of Kampos is situated on the northern side of Patmos and Kato Kambos or Kambos beach is probably the most popular beach on the island. It is mainly a sandy beach with small pebbles, extending over kilometres, with clean, shallow waters making it safe for children and plenty of tamarisk trees for natural shade. It is the best organized beach of Patmos with sun beds, umbrellas and various water sports facilities. It is considered the place to be and be seen and is loved by families with young children for its shallow warm waters. You can hire sun loungers, pedal boats and canoes and get instructions in water ski, wakeboard, wake surf, wake skate and windsurf. If you like speed, a ride on tubes (coils) is sure to be enjoyable and fun. Across the beach, you will find nice snack bars and cafeterias with tasty pies, fabulous desserts and refreshing drinks.



meloi beach 5 km away



Only two kilometres north-east of Skala, it is a golden sandy beach with clear waters and tamarisk trees for shade. The islands camp site is only 20 meters away from the beach and has a popular restaurant and a mini market.






Located on the south-west corner of Patmos and about 10 kilometres south of Chora, it is not the most accessible beach but well worth the effort. A picturesque cove with pure golden sand, sweeping dunes and lined with many tamarisk trees. Unofficially divided in half, the farthest end is the nudist half, even though nudism is prohibited on Patmos and is tolerated only on some beaches and small, isolated coves. There is also a taverna which serves excellent local food. You can get to Psili Amos by regular water taxi from Skala (takes about 45 minutes) or by bus until Diakofti followed by a 30 minute walk!


Petra's rock on the homonymous beach



 (only 5 min. drive from Patmos Villa Sophia)


Petra is also known by locals as Kallikatsou, it’s a type of small crow (jackdaw) that used to nest there.


vagia beach 8 km away




Vaghia waters are said to be the coldest on the island. It is a pebble beach with tamarisks for shade and often quieter than most easily accessible beaches. It is 7 km from the center of the island but relatively easy to visit. Just a few meters from the beach, there is a cafeteria where you can enjoy coffee and other beverages or taste delicious homemade pies and pastries, well known all over the island.






A pebble beach to the north of Patmos renowned for its rare multicolored pebbles and nice tavernas. The word Lambi is derived from the sun reflecting against the multicoloured pebbles and the clear waters of the bay. Lambi can be reached from Kambos beach by walking for around 30 minutes or by fishing boat from Skala, if the winds are not too strong. A pleasant location for lunch or dinner with tavernas on the beach serving delicious food, in a peaceful atmosphere.


Grikos bay mooring



(only 3 min. drive from Patmos Villa Sophia)


The longest beach on Patmos, sandy with with crystal-clear waters, umbrellas, sun beds and a lot of water sports. A good place for families. It is situated in the southeast, approximately 4.5 km from the port in Skala, also close to Alikes Beach and 5 kilometres south-east of Chora, the capital of Patmos. Welcoming atmosphere, warm waters and plenty of shops to enjoy a seaside drink, food or coffee.




The twin beaches derive their name from lying side by side in two almost identical bays. Very picturesque with crystal clear waters.


Sapsilla Bay



(only 3 min. drive from Patmos Villa Sophia)


The beach of the village Sapsila located between the harbor and the Grikos. Tranquility and warm, clear waters.





(only 3 min. drive from Patmos Villa Sophia)


A beautiful, shaded, secluded small beach with pebbles located 4 km from Skala next to Sapsila Bay and the Patmos Monastery’s summer convent featuring a nice garden.







The very small and mainly uninhabited islets of Lipsoi and Arkoi are absolutely worth a visit, so catch a boat from Skála, and make sure you call in at Maráthi for crystal clear waters and fresh delicious fish.


Little islet across Geranos Beach




Probably the best beach on the island with excellent waters, delicious shade, unique views and an adjacent cute little islet to swim to.






A very characteristic area of the island with saltworks (alykes), crystal clear waters and impressive landscape definitely worth to visit.

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