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25 reasons to have your vacation here

21/09/2015 Blog
25 reasons to have your vacation here

We have taken the liberty of presenting a few of our favorite things to do on the island, in celebration of a quarter of a century of coming here annually, in the hope that you may perhaps be encouraged to try some of them and find them enjoyable. We also deeply wish that you will discover on your own some other delightful things to do in Patmos, all within a 3-15 minutes drive from Patmos Villa Sophia, and we will definitely cherish sharing them with us.




Drive from to Lambi Beach on the north (approximately 15 min.), preferably on a windless day, swim, admire the beautiful pebbles and enjoy lunch or early dinner at the seaside tavern, ordering fresh fish or the more economical grilled meat variety, greek salad and flaming fried cheese {saganaki flambe).




Reserve in time a dinner table with Susan at Bennetos Restaurant (0030 2247033089) which is located only a mile from Patmos Villa Sophia and is considered one of the best places to eat on the island. We can make the reservations if you want. Just tell us a few days earlier because it is really very busy.


Psili Ammos' beach view from the old pathway





Take the little boat which leaves from Skala port at about 10.00 in the morning and sail to Psili Ammos or drive and walk there if you are more adventurous. After swimming and enjoying the famous sandy beach, you can eat at the seaside taverna under the trees ordering the local goat with tomato sauce (katsikaki kokinisto) or, if they are out of it, just a simple omelet with fresh eggs from the nearby poultry.




On a different day, hop on the other boats from Skala port at approximately the same time and embark on a daily excursion to surrounding islands Lipsi and Arki Marathi. The sea there has a tropical sapphire color and there are picturesque tavernas with fresh fish or more economical local specialties.







Visit the St John Theologian Monastery Museum and Library with a 1.000 years of history and manuscripts dating back many centuries. Just be cautious to dress a little conservative because it is a religious establishment.




Visit the Cave of the Apocalypse where St John had the tremendous vision about the destination of Mankind included as the ultimate eschatological prophetic book of the Bible.


Small alley in Chora





Have dinner and drinks at the restaurant and bar on the little plaza in the center of the traditional settlement of Chora, considered a world heritage site by Unesco.




Have a quiet dinner at the nearby fishing village of Grikos and maybe enjoy a refreshment at the adjacent five star Patmos Aktis Hotel bar.


Ducks on grikos beach





Have dinner at Loza restaurant up in Chora enjoying the panoramic view of all the island and enjoy a cocktail at the Astivi 1671 bar or the picturesque plaza bars.




Visit Kambos beach, swim and enjoy water sports.




Visit Agriolivado beach, lounge under the umbrellas and try the local restaurants and bars.


Nice rock near Agriolivado





Visit the Koumana sanctuary in Skala with its nice garden and collection of pets, parrots etc. (may be more interesting for children).




You can also take the children to the playing ground in Hohlaka in the back side of Skala. There is also an authentic Italian restaurant there.


Hohlakas beach near Skala





Enjoy ice cream and local pastries at Christodoulos Koumanis’ pastry shop opposite the bus stop on the port of Skala. You can order the “pougi” local specialty there or at the Haris pastry shop in the center of Skala.




Have dinner at the Kima restaurant by the seaside outside Skala near Koumana, situated right across Patmos Villa Sophia, enjoying the view of Chora and trying fresh fish or the more economical seafood (kalamari, shrimps etc).




Order Pizza or spaghetti delivered to Patmos Villa Sophia from Kellari restaurant, popular with the locals. (We can do it for you if you want).


Patmos view of island south from Mount Elijah 2





Visit the NUNNERY OF THE ANNUNCIATION (Evangelismos in Greek) behind Chora and eventry to climb up the nearby Hill of Prophet Elijah’s Chapel, which is the highest point of the island about 269 meters.


Skala port marina





Go for a nice promenade along the marina with yachts and the Skala port and have coffee of a drink at the central Arion bar.




Swim at the Petra beach near Grikos and explore the many nearby exquisite rocky coves.


Exquisite small coves outside Grikos





Try the local specialties like rabbit with tomato sauce and onions (lagos stifatho) at the nearby Petra restaurant near the Patmos greenhouse.




Rent a little boat and do some diving outside the Grikos Bay near the area known as “Navagio” where you can see the impressive wreckage of an Italian airplane from the 1943 air battle with the British at the nearby Leros island and an another older ship. Just make sure to negotiate the prices with the local boatmen or ask us to do it for you if you want.




Drive to the Livadi Geranou beach on the north. It is one of the best on the island with excellent water and offers a very nice view of the Monastery and the island while you are swimming. Furthermore, while you are in the area, you can visit the Geranou Bay little church which located on the farthest point of the island with a very beautiful sunset.


Patmos beach





A series of very nice adjacent beaches to visit on the north include Vagia, Liginou and Didimes. They are all great in their own different way and the ride or walk on the local pathways in enjoyable.




If you like folk dancing and greek bouzouki live fun perhaps you might enjoy on Wednesday or Saturday dinner with live music and local dance shows at Aloni (telephone (+30) 2247031007. If you want, you can get an idea what it is about or even watch indicative youtube videos at


Grikos Bay under full moon





Go out in the balconies or the roof or anywhere else in the estate of Patmos Villa Sophia on a calm night, with the lights switched off and using only candles, and enjoy either the incredible moonlight or the starry nocturnal sky with an incredible view of our Galaxy.


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